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PDA Consulting

Chris is the Managing Consultant at PDCA Consulting Limited.

He holds an MBA from Henley Management College and has 37 years of international experience working in various senior operations management roles for, and with, multi-national organisations including Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies..

He has managed both line and staff functions at operational and divisional level with multi-million dollar budget responsibility. His work has taken him across Europe, USA, India, South-East Asia, and Africa giving a truly international perspective to his outlook.

Chris has held senior positions during good times and bad so, as a seasoned operator, he’s well-versed in managing the challenges thrown up by positive, negative, or benign economic conditions.

He has been involved in a vast and diverse array of industries across the globe from aircraft engines to boot polish, helping companies to develop employees, improve productivity and quality, and record significant increases in turnover and profitability.

Chris draws on his experience and expertise across strategy development and deployment, manufacturing, product development, leadership and organisational development, and uses a multi-disciplinary, data-driven systems-approach to build robust processes which underpin corporate goals and targets.

An erstwhile rugby player, Chris now contents himself with playing the saxophone in his spare time, which causes his wife and family both vexation and amusement in (almost) equal measure!

PDA Consulting
Town/City:  Kendal,
County: Cumbria
Email: chris.ward@pdcaconsulting.co.uk
Phone: 01539 739231
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